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By industryplacements, Apr 30 2016 01:11AM

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently announced the establishment of an exciting internship program aimed at providing young students with job ready skills.

VECCI will invest 1million dollars over a 3 year period to support the placement of 300 students as studies and research shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people graduating, without industry experience, to get a job.

Available to VECCI members only, the program will cover the employers expenses including; wages, payroll tax, superannuation and WorkCover costs ensuring that all placements meet the guidelines set out by Fair Work Australia.

“industry needs job ready graduates who have hands on experience in a professional workplace” said VECCI’s president Mark Birrell when he launched the program recently. University of Melbourne’s Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis AC also addressed the audience on the importance of students completing relevant industry experience during the course of their studies to shorten the transition into paid work upon graduation.

VECCI’s tertiary and business members strongly stand behind the new initiative which will focus on providing practical placements of 120 hours at some of Australia’s most respected small, medium and large businesses. VECCI has also agreed to take on 5 internships per year as part of the initiative.

VECCI hopes the program will not only provide valuable experience, but a chance for students to form strong networks and relationships that will improve their chances of employment. While the initiative does not guarantee employment for any of the participants, it is hoped that workplaces may provide ongoing employment to the students that stand out during the program.

While the program is a great step forward for Victoria, the initiative is doing little to address the long term unemployment facing young people aged 15-24 with a national average at 12.2% in February 2016 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The problem lies with the increasing number of tertiary and vocational providers and courses offered that have little to no career or job placements support. To address this issue at it’s core, the government & industry groups need to work with vocational and tertiary providers to help them form strong working relationships and partnerships with Industry.

VECCI is leading the way for industry, tertiary education and government with this initiative which is a great value add to its loyal members said Chief Executive Officer Mark Stone. The Victorian Chamber of Commerce has a strong history of training and apprenticeship success and continue to be an advocate of the value of practical work experience.

Australian employers are looking for a increased level of job readiness from graduates as the economy and workforce struggle to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and how business is carried out. They are not only looking for the best talent, but to employ graduates that can steer the business in a new direction ensuring they remain up to date and relevant in a changing marketplace.

For further details on the program, be sure to visit Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Internship Page.

Jack Clayfield is the director of Industry Placements Australia, a specialist recruitment agency providing graduate and internship programs to Melbourne students and graduates

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By jackc, Apr 29 2016 04:49AM

We have exciting news........

During the month of May, Industry Placements Australia will be teaming up with Quintessentially, the worlds leading provider of personal concierge servicesto the rich and famous.

Quintessentially caters to the every need of the rich and famous. According to an article published in the Australian 'quintessentially for the global elite,' annual membership fees start from $58,000. Some of there better known members include; Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, singers Elton John and Madonna and entreprenuer Richard Branson.

Read the article here: quintessentially for the global elite

The lucky intern will work out of the companies Melbourne office in Flinders Lane and have the opportunity to work alongside the companies marketing & events manager in gaining experience with activities including: supporting with relationship management of clients (admin), supporting the management & distribution of invitations for upcoming events, strategy projects related to expanding the brand, marketing engagement activities i.e comms, edm pieces, developing content communications.

The company has rapid plans for expansion including multiple office around the country, partnerships with leading Australian organisations including Quantas and has already set their targets on 5000 of Australia's and NZ's wealthiest people.

This may be the first of many internships for the business and would strongly advise any students studying marketing in melbourne or looking for a marketing internship with a luxury lifestyle brand, to contact us about applying.

If you miss out on thios opportunity, you can apply to other great marketing internships found on Industry Placements Australia's 'Current Placements' page.

Marketing Internship Melbourne
Marketing Internship Melbourne

By jackc, Jun 18 2015 03:30AM



By jackc, Oct 31 2014 05:19AM

If you are currently in your last year of college, there are steps you will need to follow if you wish to obtain a job in your field of study.

Start searching immediately

Starting your job search after your graduation ceremony is a bad idea. Employers are normally vetting and recruiting seniors in their first semester. You need to let these employers know that you are seeking employment so they can keep you in mind during this process. Visiting your university's career center is the best way to place yourself in the selection pool.

Ask your university counselor to give you information on every available internship and job placement program. If you are accepted into one of these programs, you may have the opportunity to join a company before you graduate. You should remain optimistic even if you don't receive an opportunity right away. Keep attending job fairs and searching bulletin boards for all the paid internships melbourne has to offer.

Pinpoint career opportunities

Identify the companies who hired students from your particular school in the past. See if these companies are offering the employment opportunities or business internships melbourne students can benefit from. You can easily find this information by visiting your career service center or accessing the Grad Jobs and Dollars website.

Be clear about your interests and objective

At this stage, it is very important to know what you want to do and how you want to proceed. If you are still a bit undecided, you can ask your career center if they have any self-evaluation tools for students in your predicament. The right program can help you pinpoint your abilities so you can choose a career that agrees with your skills and interests.

Investigate every employment option

You should research all of your career options before you commit yourself to any company. Career centers will allow you to explore a variety of companies that deal in marketing, healthcare, finance, and more. See if these companies are offering scholarships for employees who wish to continue their education. They may also have excellent internships for qualified melbourne students.

Gain experience in the workforce

Searching bulletin boards for business internships melbourne opportunities is the best way to get work experience quickly. You can obtain a position while you are still in school, and you can possibly get paid simultaneously. Even if you do not receive compensation, you can add your work experience to your resume. You can also build your list of contacts by networking with co-workers and other associates.

Prepare for interviews and fill out job applications properly.

Learning how to present yourself during an interview can increase your chances of landing a position. Completing a job application properly and legibly can increase your chances as well. If you prepare yourself for the interview before you reach out to an employer, you can decrease your anxiety and raise your confidence. Having mock interviews and resume writing sessions with career advisors is a good way to build up these skills.

Stick to your guns

Following these steps will increase your chances of landing a job in your desired career. During the process, never hesitate to ask questions and seek assistance for any reason whatsoever. If you plan accordingly, you can actually have fun while you are preparing yourself for a stable vocation after college.

By jackc, Oct 15 2014 11:51PM

Student internships are becoming an increasingly necessary part of the job world and interview process. So much so that many employers require them, and many companies (up to 37%) offer some structured internship program. Internships are a great way for graduates to get experience, and companies to scout the best employees.

The fact is, our changing times are requiring more dynamic and competent workers within a wide range of industries who have not just a set of learned classroom skills to offer, but also noted applicable experience. In many ways, internships are being considered the new interviews and students have a wider range of options once they have had an internship under their belts. Graduate students with experience(s) thanks to internships they participated in, unwittingly tell a prospective employer that they not only possess the required skills, but also many of the aptitudes necessary for successful employment. Such aptitudes include working with others as a part of a team, and being able to practically apply what was learnt in college. For this reason it is not uncommon to see a graduate student on internship become a permanent member of staff within the same company, or be hired by a competitor within short order. For this and other reasons, internships are a great foot in the door for career oriented graduate students.

Little Known Facts About The Importance Of Internships In Today's Job Market

Both the demand and supply for internships have increased. Therefore, more students are applying with a whopping 65% percent increase in internship applications over the period 2011-2012. Just over 60% of the graduating 2012 class applied for internships, with 63% completing at least one internship, and 28% completing two or more internships. Research also shows that 83% of employers would consider resumes from recent graduates. These employers look for a combination of skill sets, talents and experiences. As many as 66% of prospective employers look at interview performance and experience - in that order - as two of the most important factors when hiring recent graduates. Other factors include a strong resume and cover letter, academic performance, references and attendance at preferred schools, respectively.

What To Expect During (And From) Your Internship

In addition to enabling graduates to make a good impression prospective employers, internships can offer students the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience in their preferred field or industry. Graduate students who have participated in internships have reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and were able to garner knowledge and experience they would have otherwise missed out on. Real-world work experience, working with colleagues and learning new things were the top three things students enjoyed. 86% of students report that their internship experience was a positive one, while 85% of employers admitted that hiring interns was a positive experience for them.

Naturally, the structure and nature of your internship will vary depending on your field and the employer you intern with. Traditionally, as an intern you would go in to the office every day and complete the tasks required of you. This traditional concept of internship is slowly changing however, due in large part to today's technological advances. In many instances, internships have gone virtual. Up to 33% of employers today say they hire virtual interns, and 71% of students say they would consider a virtual experience. Virtual internship went up 20% in 2012 from the previous year.

Some internship experiences are graduate paid internships, while others offer non-monetary perks as compensation. While paid internships are nice, and are often preferred, students have noted that this is the least important factor when considering an internship. Instead, students tend to focus on the benefits of having much needed experience and securing full-time experience thereafter. Non-monetary internship compensation can include: college credits (59%), company perks (36%), travel (23%) and food (15%) stipends. Importantly, the compensation amount (remuneration) for paid graduate internships varies from one company to the other, and there is usually no set amount.

Benefits To Be Had

Not surprisingly, one of the main benefits from participating in an internship include, increasing the likelihood of being hired. 69% of large companies (100 employees or more) made full-time offers to interns in 2012 alone, with 39% of small companies (50 employees or less) doing the same during the same period.

Internships Melbourne: How Industry Placement Australia (IPA) Can Help You

Although internships are a nice additive to your resume, they are not always easy to get, and only about one third of internships are paid experiences. Still, an internship in Melbourne can offer you an irreplaceable experience. Having the right company to negotiate on your behalf for a well-placed internship can reap dividends. Students wishing to pursue internships in Melbourne can do so using our services. IPA will fight on your behalf to help you successfully secure paid internships. We aggressively pursue paid graduate internships as the ideal experience for the students we represent.

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